5 Delicious Ways to use your Yousli

Yousli Bars Ingredients: 1 Cup Dried Apricots. 8 Medjool dates. ½ Tsp of Salt. 1 Cup Almond & Sour Cherry Yousli (or your favourite Yousli). 2 Tbsp Butter. ½ Cup Toasted desiccated coconut. Method: Add dates, apricots, salt & butter into food processor and blitz for 30 secs, then add coconut & Yousli! Blitz again […]

Almost ready!

We’re happy to say that we are at the final stages in developing our new Hazelnut, Cacao and Mulberry Pre-Made! we have been testing and refining this recipe for months now and what we can say at this stage is that it’s tasting incredibly delicious! And has no added sugar, is gluten free and wheat […]

Trick up your Summer Fruits!

Checkout our new ‘Trick up your Summer fruit’ piece, for easy (and seriously delicious) tips on how to Use Your Fruit! on your muesli this summer. This one is a freshly diced mango, rolled in toasted sesame seeds and passionfruit to finish! http://www.yousli.com.au/about/use-your-fruit/trick-up-your-summer-fruits/

Food Magazine Q&A

A great Q&A feature in Food Magazine about the challenges and inspiration behind ‘Getting a Breakfast Brand off the ground’ from our Founder Paul Findlay http://www.foodmag.com.au/features/getting-a-breakfast-brand-off-the-ground-q-a-with

Seasons Eatings Gift Pack

Give the gift of deliciousness this holiday season with our ‘Seasons Eatings Gift Pack’. You get 2 x 500g Pre-Mades, our natural Yousli Drawstring bag & Free Postage for only $29.90. Check or Pre-Mades page for more details

Activated Almond Bircher

Move over sloppy birchers! Our textured Activated Almond Bircher is ready to go :) Made from organic steel cut oats, activated almonds, activated buckwheat, pepitas and sunflower seeds for extra crunch factor. We’ve put helpful soaking instructions on the pack too. Enjoy!

Murray River Organics now at yousli.com.au

We have just received a fresh organic food drop from Murray River Organics – their Sun Muscats, Raisins and Sultanas are 100% organic and 100% delicious! All these organic goodies are plump, juicy and full of natural sweetness. Give them a try in your next custom make Yousli, they might just make your day :)

Active and delicious – why activated nuts are good for you

Arabella Forge is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in Dietetics. She is also the author of the cookbook, Frugavore: how to grow your own, buy local, waste nothing and eat well. Arabella is a food writer and regular contributor to The Melbourne Review, and Fairfax Media and a regular host for channel […]

Introducing The Ginger Barberry & Macadamia Pre-Made!!!

Calling all ginger lovers! Spring has sprung and it’s the perfect time to kickstart your senses in the morning with this excitingly new and delicious addition to the Yousli Pre-Made family… we are very proud to announce the long awaited Ginger Barberry & Macadamia blend! With creamy roasted macadamia nuts, decadent pistachios, activated buckinis, zesty barberries, […]

Our new Yousli Fleet is about to hit the road

Our new Yousli cruisers are ready to hit the streets in Melbourne for Spring. We’ll be heading out on sunny days, delivering fresh delicious muesli to you very soon – Here’s a sneak peek at our new fleet! Our guys look pretty happy in the back :)

Our new Ginger mix live from Yousli HQ

Mixing up new flavours for Spring ginger lovers! Our latest scrummy release to the Pre-Made family is the Ginger Macadamia Barberry blend… and we’re happy to say it’s on track for a mid Spring release. This pic just in from the mixing table at Yousli HQ. We’re almost there, we’re just refining the very important […]

Activated Almonds are ready!

We have just received our first batch of Activated Almonds at Yousli. These almonds have been ‘activated’ during a process of pre-soaking and dehydration. This makes it easier for the body to digest which also helps you receive greater nutrition from the nut. Let’s not forget they are also a deliciously crunchy addition to your custom muesli […]

Hello Feel-Good Food Lovers!

After months of rigorously testing, creating (and eating) thousands of muesli recipes, whilst sourcing and tasting the best whole foods we can gather locally and all around the globe, we are really happy to announce that Yousli finally here!