Hello Feel-Good Food Lovers!

After months of rigorously testing, creating (and eating) thousands of muesli recipes, whilst sourcing and tasting the best whole foods we can gather locally and all around the globe, we are really happy to announce that Yousli finally here!

It’s a place that’s been made just for you (and your taste buds), a place where you can make it your way so you can get more ‘you’ in your muesli. We have a huge range of delectably healthy whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruits – or if you decide to leave it to us, try one of our deliciously crafted Pre-Mades – both delivered to your door in a flash.

We’ll be releasing amazing food editions seasonally, so you can make your mornings even tastier. Stay tuned as we’ll be adding feel-good food ideas and muesli taste maker tips that we think will really make your day.

We are proudly 100% Australian owned and very excited to have you here – we can’t wait for you to get some Yousli in your belly.

The Yousli Team