Trick up your Summer fruits

Summer fruit P666

Summer is here and yep, you guessed it – it’s time to Use Your Fruit!

Here’s a few deliciously simple tricks that will take your fruit and your taste buds to another flavour destination.

Strawberries: Slice your strawberries and soak them in rosewater or orange blossom to make them extra aromatic, they only need 20 minutes – the longer you soak them the more aromatic they become.

Mango: Mangoes are in season – Dice one (cut the mango cheeks off, score them in a grid, turn inside out and cut them from skin), then toast some sesame seeds in a dry fry pan (no oil needed). Drop the diced mango on top of your muesli, then sprinkle with some toasted sesame. Add a dollop of fresh yoghurt… you’ll kick yourself you’ve never done this before.

Pomegranate, Passionfruit & Orange Zest: Flick the seeds from the pomegranate (cut in half and hit the back of it with the blunt edge of a knife) or cut open a passionfruit and put it on top of your yoghurt to make it more lively… Or try using grating the zest of an orange into your yoghurt.

Apple: Grate or julienne an apple and lightly dust it with cinnamon, then blend it through your muesli… a great way to freshen up your mornings and it’s even better for you at the same time – it’s seriously delicious!

Now go on… Use Your Fruit! :)

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