5 Delicious Ways to use your Yousli

Yousli Bars
1 Cup Dried Apricots.
8 Medjool dates.
½ Tsp of Salt.
1 Cup Almond & Sour Cherry Yousli (or your favourite Yousli).
2 Tbsp Butter.
½ Cup Toasted desiccated coconut.

Method: Add dates, apricots, salt & butter into food processor and blitz for 30 secs, then add coconut & Yousli! Blitz again until combined. Then press into a small tin with baking paper. Pop into fridge until firm enough to eat! Melt some dark chocolate over top & sprinkle some whole Yousli pieces for crunch. M-mmm Enjoy!


Bliss Out Balls (Hazelnut, Date & Cacao)
1 Cup of raw Cacao powder
1 Cup Medjool Dates.
1  Cup of Cacao Hazelnut Mulberry (or your favourite Yousli).
½ Coconut Oil.
Tbsp of Honey (or Maple Syrup).
Pinch of Salt.
1 Cup of shredded Coconut (for rolling bliss balls in).

Method: Blend ingredients in food processor for 30 secs, until mixture sticks together. Scoop tbsp of mixture & roll into a small balls. Roll balls in shredded coconut. Place them into airtight container & store in fridge, ready to eat after 3 hours. This makes 8-10 bliss balls! Get ready to bliss out!!



Best Salad Topping
This super fresh salad of diced Apple, Spinach and Pomegranate seeds, has a sprinkle of Yousli on top for added texture and flavour. A must try on your next salad, you won’t look back :) PS this goes really well with dressing made of 3 tbsp pomegranate molasses, juice of half a lemon, 60ml of good extra virgin olive oil.








Easy Healthy Snack
Simply layer your Yousli in a jar or cup with your favourite yoghurt and fresh fruit, this is a great, easy, healthy snack, anytime of the day.









Smoothie Bowls
For next level smoothies try it in a bowl. Then add a sprinke of Yousli and fresly sliced fruit on top. For a big added vitamins and nutrients boost, blend some Acai Berries or Acai Powder to your smoothie, you wont look back.






Big thanks to the following for their great recipes, photos and food ideas:

Yousli Bars:
Liz Mui @FunkyForestFood / funkyforestfood.blogspot.com.au

Bliss Out Balls:
Lucy Ennis.

Spinach & Apple Salad with Yousli:
Mari Jasmine @recipesbymari / marijasmine.com